We've made some changes.

We've been quietly at work building you a completely new experience for managing your leagues with GamerHuddle for Madden NFL 20. We've put a lot of time and thought into the next iteration of GamerHuddle, and we hope to get your feedback and evolve this service into exactly what you, the community, want.

As we roll out our new platform, we have lots of new features in store for you that we will get into greater detail very shortly. We've added some new members to our team (who we will introduce soon), and that's allowed us to come up with some new ways to tackle the challenge of managing Madden leagues.

Short-Term Timeline (UPDATED 08-09-2019)
  • Mapping new player attribute fields availabe in Madden 20. - expected 8/4/2019 LIVE
  • Open up new league registrations and user account. - expected 8/4/2019 LIVE
  • Launch new GamerHuddle forums. - week of 8/11/2019
  • Host a community QA forum. - week of 8/11/2019